• Keep freezing?
  • Keep constanty Rebooting?
  • Keep crashing at critical times?
  • Need a boost in performance ?
  • Need to share resources, Files, Printers, and Databases?
  • Keep dropping off the internet?
  • Need an upgrade or need more PCs to expand your present network?
  • Or Mail Server working properly?

At the Technology Help Centre we pride ourselves on the quality of our Personal Computers. We run-in all our new, 2nd hand and upgraded computers for a period on 3 -7 days before delivery and therefore minimise the likelihood of faulty Hardware prior to installation on site.

Technology Help Centre has refined our techniques to produce what we believe to be some of the finest PC's in their respective price bands. And the practiced RUN-In procedure has played an integral part in receiving on going referrals from our existing clientele and the reason for our rapid growth. Our procedures have minimised hardware faults on site on new hardware to almost nil !!

We use only top quality components refuse to cut corners. We build reliable and attractive Machines using quality monitors and peripherals.

Our computers are available to both the public and private sectors. Tight maintenance of quality controls means that our products are both reliable and long lasting. The use of brand name generic components ensures a low level of redundancy and allows simple and inexpensive upgrade options. Our own brand PC's together with our quality monitors and keyboards are used by many businesses and local authority agencies. An integrated package of hardware and software maintenance means that our customers need not worry about their computers affecting the performance of their own businesses. Printers and peripherals are available.

All of our PC Systems carry a minimum one year return to base warranty. Our warranty is variable and can be extended to up to five years on site cover.

At Technology Help Centre we have access to competitive pricing from all manufacturers which enables us to pass on this savings to our customers.

Technology Help Centre focuses on quality parts and components, ensuring that customers are provided with the best IT Solution for their dollar.

We offer 3 -5 year IT lease agreements with reputable leasing companies that incorporate software and labour. We then combine these leases with 3 year on site hardware warranties (conditions apply)

Leasing ensures the best possible IT solution for the customer with the added benefits being that

  1. Minimal outlay per month for an optimum IT solution that suits the businesses potential to grow and expand.
  2. Cash flow is not affected
  3. Ability to add items and expand IT solution without the monthly premiums increasing
  4. Ability to upgrade the entire solution at the 3rd last month of the term and keep premiums the same and extend the time and warranty again out to another 3 years
  5. Able to purchase old leased equipment for $1.00 per PC
  6. Marrying the warranty for hardware to 3 years to the 3 year lease agreement minimises the risk of downtime and provides that extra peace of mind to the SOHO and SME’s.
“If you lease your IT Solution for 3 years we can also provide a 3 year hardware warranty
(conditions apply) for the duration of lease to provide extra peace of mind and hardware insurance”

  • Computer Upgrades with warranty
  • New Machine Set-up
  • Software Installation
  • Personalised Training
  • Technical Advice
  • SOHO peer to peer Networking (including wireless)
  • SERVER based Local Area Networking for (S.M.E’s) and corporate enterprises
  • IT Leases
  • On site warranties on hardware (conditions apply)
  • Pick-up & Drop-off Call and speak with someone at P.C. t to learn more about this great service and how it can save you time and effort

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