Whether you have an existing network and need support or you need a complete Network Designed and Installed under any platform, we will design, quote and implement a suitable solution to suit your IT and budgetary needs.

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  • NT4/2000/2003/2008
  • Novell 4 5 & 6 up to 6.5 and certified CNE ECNE MCNE
  • Linux Servers CentoS, Mandriva
  • Web Servers Apache and IIS
  • Mail Servers Linux and Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Groupwise
  • Multiple Server Monitoring set-up and installations for Larger Corporations
  • Networks at home: A home network is now affordable and allows two or more computers to share the same files, printers and internet connections.

We also provide ongoing maintenance contracts and support agreements to help maintain your investment for the longer term.

Our contracts provide the level or maintenance and the response needed to provide on going I.T services for your business no matter how large or small your network is.

”We can custom build a system that will meet your specific needs on any Operating System or on any Server platform built by certified & accredited Technical Engineers:

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  • File Servers HP or Generic
  • Multi-Processor Systems
  • Graphics or Audio Workstations
  • Office PCs
  • Home Systems
  • Web Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Linux /Novell
  • GroupWise
  • Multi Server monitoring Systems
  • Surveillance Systems