Novell Directory Services or the new version called Novell® e-Directory™ is world's largest identity management software tool which allows businesses to manage identities and control access for employees, customers and partners.

With Novell Directory Services and now e-Directory, the industry's first and most advanced full-service directory, businesses lay the groundwork for complete secure identity management solutions and multi-platform network services.

Technology Help Centre Specialise in the area of designing implementing Merging & Recovering Novel Directory Services and we are now certified to provide these services for the new version Novell e-Directory.

Productivity & Performance are No.1 in business!

So how long has it been since you had a serious look at your Information Technology? 2; 3 maybe 4 years? Your PCs & I.T systems are like your car, you don’t need a new one every year but you need to have the one you have serviced from time to time don’t you?

Are you ready if anything happens to your PC or your IT? Below is a quick quiz to find out exactly how much D.R.P preparation you have done and how much more is necessary.

  1. Have you got A disaster Recovery Plan in Place?
  2. Is it written down or in your head?
  3. Have you ever thought what will happen if Your Server or PC’s Brake Down?
  4. How much money would you loose per hour or per day?
  5. Do you have a regular backup routine and if so have you tested it?
  6. Do you have a Virus protection Program and are you updating ?
  7. Are you utilising the Information Technology you do have to its optimum ability.
  8. Do you look at your PCs and Serves as valued employees?
  9. Think about it. What would happen if the building was burnt out?

What about your valued accounts and contacts. Often we fail to recognize our most valuable assets OUR Computers.

Think for a minute. They hold our past history and present accounts right there on the hard disk

If you had to start again, just think how valuable those items would be to you to re build your business not to mention the nightmare with the tax office.

How much profit would you loose if disaster did occur?

How valuable is your information? Could you really do without it?

We will help you complete your D.R.P Disaster Recovery Plan

We Have Mobile Units that travel to your home or office anytime of the day or night

We come to you and the benefits include:

  • You not having to unplug all your Hardware
  • You not having to return all hardware and leads to your nearest PC repairer.
  • Its Easier for You
  • So it just will not do what you want? We have found that many "hardware problems" are just down to lack of experience of the operator,. Be it problems getting on the net to just typing a letter, let us help